Future Leaders Program

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

-John Quincy Adams

'At Max Life Insurance, our aim is – ‘to inspire people to identify the real value of their lives.’

Delivering on our aim to inspire, we are always motivated to do more for our diverse customer base as an organization. We aspire to provide millions of individuals with the essential tools needed to create a financially secured life.

While we understand the numerous business metrics, what drives us to do better is to ensure that millions of our customers can rely on us to make sure their future is protected. Now, that is a responsibility of the highest order for us, making it our top priority to ensure we deliver only our best and nothing else.

Ready To Give an Edge to Your Career with Max Life Insurance?

When we speak of the future, we tend to forget that we are already in it. The pace at which the world runs today has resulted in massive demographic shifts. This means that a company such as ours must tackle future challenges with a fresh approach.

So, as you step into a world that has transformed rigorously over the decade, the stakes are higher to make it. Max Life Insurance believes in empowering the next generation to face these challenges head-on in an era of change.

One thing that propels these changes is advancement in technology and, to catch up to the speed, we need people who can use it creatively and effectively. Who can do it better than the resourceful new generation of driven minds?

With the Future Leaders Program, Max Life Insurance intends to recognize, develop and future-proof such skills!

What Is Max Life Future Leaders Program?

The Future Leader Program at Max Life aims to tap into the potential of individuals and build skilled personnel who can take charge. It is designed to create a network of highly empowered leaders who are ready to redefine the future of our organization. With us, you will find the space to build trust and make decisions, consequently driving the organization and yourself forward within the insurance industry.

The Program is designed to get you prepared for leadership challenges, know us as a company, and develop your own skills expertly. As our customers are central to our purpose, we have curated the program for you to experience how Max Life Insurance delivers successful customer outcomes.

Our Unmatched Process of Nurturing Talent

The Future Leaders Program is driven by the goal to create a comprehensive onboarding process that aligns with the business strategy of Max Life Insurance. We focus on adding value to our customers and workforce by nurturing talent and creating an engaged staff. Targeting these objectives can lead to a significant impact on corporate culture, growth, and commercial success.

As part of our systematic training program, we intend to upskill new age leaders who can become truly agile and prepared to:

  • Be a part of a leading BFSI brand
  • Work with the best minds in the industry
  • Be inspired to perform more and grow more
  • Challenge Status Quo
  • Be a part of a happy and a safety-conscious organization
  • Write your own growth story
  • Enable the company’s mission for making an impact

The Journey & Growth Path for You

As part of the Future Leaders Program, individuals will go through a 12-month journey to kickstart their career. The year long experience is dedicated to providing invaluable experiences for individual and team growth.

The breakdown of the 12-month journey includes:

Six months comprehensive deep dive into business [1st May – 31st October] covered under following stages:

Stage 1: Orientation & Immersion into core functions & project allocation: 4 weeks

Stage 2: Field Stint across channels: 4 weeks

Stage 3: Hi-impact Project 1 – Individual: 8 weeks

Stage 4: Hi-impact Project – Group: 8 weeks

Stage 5: Final Functional movement

Process Of Registration/ Unlocking Great Future

The Future Leaders Program journey encompasses classroom training, field visits, case studies & projects across functions. The rotational assignments in cross-functional roles are intended to accelerate the growth path of future leaders.

The process of registration includes:

  • 1st Step: Psychometric Assessment
  • 2nd Step: Group Discussion
  • 3rd Step: Face to face round of interview [2 Rounds]
  • 4th Step: Offer roll out & Acceptance

The focus is on creating an Individual Development Plan (IDP) to foster talent and empower people from diverse backgrounds. Personal mentoring during the program ensures that the eclectic mix of talent can be streamlined to achieve greater goals.

How The Batch Of 2020, 2019 Made an Exceptional Mark

In the opinion of our existing leaders, “The FLPs have infused a much-needed freshness and energy in our system. They have picked up the basics of life insurance very quickly and used the senior management access and opportunities well to drive and help deliver on some transformation initiatives. Some of the FLPs definitely have the potential to take on leadership roles in the coming years.”

In the past few years, the Future Leader Program at Max Life has seen tremendous results by nurturing and growing new age enterprise leaders. 

  • 3 Batches of FLP has run successfully starting from 2018
  • 49 Management trainees have been hired so far
  • 26% attrition, one of the lowest in industry.

In 2020, the year that witnessed colossal shifts in the economic fabric of the world, the need for effective leadership only became more imperative. As we find ourselves navigating through the newfound complexities, it is crucial to keep the engines running.

The Future Leader Program at Max Life Insurance upheld its consistency in creating leaders of tomorrow, even during an unforeseen situation, by leveraging new age technologies to deliver virtual learning experiences.

Departments That We Hire for

1. Product Manager

  • Conceptualize & monitor new product development
  • Drive revenue and profitability in partnership with distribution
  • Identify new product opportunities and product specifications
  • Review and track product performance

2. Digital Solutionist

  • Digitally transform business by creating a roadmap for business through a deep understanding of business needs and possibilities with technology
  • Lead the creation of front end digital tools by working with business and tech teams
  • Product lifecycle management of digital tools

3. Distribution Strategy

  • Anchor the strategic planning process for the sales channels in partnership with senior management & business stakeholders
  • Monitor performance of the business against the business plans
  • Actively support new strategic & tactical initiatives that ensure delivery of growth, profitability & cash flow objectives

4. Business Strategist

  • Anchor the strategic planning process of the organization in partnership with senior management
  • Facilitate business planning execution

5. Financial Planning Analyst

  • Increase penetration of new products
  • Create long-range and short-range financial plans
  • Monitor performance of the business against the business plans
  • Actively support new strategic & tactical initiatives that ensure delivery of growth, profitability & cash flow objectives Increase activation of seller/ branches through customized campaigns

6. Transformational Projects

  • Design and management of end-to-end customer communication across customer lifecycle for  offline and online channels
  • Strategy design and governance of underwriting priorities and lead key cross-functional projects
  • Program management of strategic priorities, involving operations excellence, opex and budget management

7. Technology Lead

  • Lead and contribute to tech-enabled digital transformation projects
  • Work on new age and modern technologies to provide a  competitive advantage
  • Create strategies for digital seller, digital customer & digital employee
  • Lead projects to enhance revenue, reduce cost and improve customer/ employee experience

8. Human Resource

  • Involved in hiring the best talent from the market to strengthen talent pool.
  • Spearhead talent engagement, development & retention charter for the organization.
  • Collaborate with business to achieve demanding business outcomes & to make Max Life a great place to work.
  • Be the custodian of culture, policies & compliance in the organization.

The Values We Abide By

The program merges the image of a leader in the current insurance landscape with the core values of Max Life Insurance. This includes a culture built on the principles of:

  • Care
  • Collaboration
  • Customer-Centric
  • Growth mindset

Contact Cards

Contact us at:

  • Neha Anand Sonkar

Assistant Vice President – Talent Acquisition